CKK0001 Self Balancing Robot Kit
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  • More introduction
  • This is a self balancing car based on the platform that any one can make, even without the experience of and electronics
  • Comes with a r3 controller, a Bluetooth module, a shield integrating a MPU6050 6-axis motion component, a gyroscope, a accelerometer and a buzzer
  • Assembly it within 1 hour, you can learn how each electronic component works and its principle.
  • From making the onboard buzzer of the shield sounds to lighting up the led module, to driving the robot with bluetooth app(only for Android), you will have fun with your kids or students
  • Scan the QR code to download the tutorial or contact customer service for a tutorial

LK COKOINO Balance Drive Shield*1
Bluetooth module*1
I2C LCD Display*1
RGB LED module*1
USB Cable*2
18650 battery case*1
A pair of Acrylic sheet
JGB37-520 DC Motor*2
SG90 Servo*1
Motor bracket*2
Hexagonal coupling*2
4PIN- 150mm cable*1
PH2.0- 6P cable*1
P1.2*4mm self-tapping screw*4
M1.6*10mm round head screw*4
M1.6 mm nut*4
M2*6mm round head screw *4
M3*6mm round head screw*23
M3*10mm round head screw *5
M3*16mm countersunk head screw*10
M4*8mm round head screw*2
M3*12mm countersunk head screw*4
Set screw*2
M3 Nut*15
M3*10MM hexagonal copper column*4
M3*45MM hexagonal copper column*4
M2*12MM copper column*2
φ3*3MM Nylon column*8
L-M4-cross wrench
M-Allen key (for set screw)
M2 Phillips screwdriver
M3 Phillips screwdriver

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