CKK0004 Arduino Basic Starter Kit
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  • LK COKOINO Super Starter Kit is a perfect way to dive into electronics and programming as you get all the essential components in a package which is required to start working with Arduino.
  • Contains: V-1 board(Compatible with Arduino Uno), power module, 1602 LCD, SD card module, servo motor,stepper motor,5v relay,gas module,LEDs,jumper wires, resistors and more.
  • You can implement different applications like basic LED Control,sensing, monitoring, smoke detection, infrared remote control, and motor controls.
  • It is good for students, as well as for people who have very little or no experience in electronics and programming.
  • We offer step-by-step tutorials for 27 projects, with tutorial links in product tips.

What’sin the box?

LK COKOINO V-1 board x 1
Breadboard PowerModule x 1
4*4Membrane Button(Keyboard) x 1
5V”Relay x 1
2003 Stepper Motor x 1
Stepper Motor Drive x 1
9G Servo x 1
AM312 Human Infrared Module x 1
DHT12 Module x 1
Crystal oscillator x 1
IR Remove Control x 1
SD Card Module x 1
128K SD card x 1
4-Digit 7-Segment Digital Tube x 1
8*8Dot”Matrix x 1
I2C 1602Lcd Display x 1
Mb-102 830 Hole Breadboard x 1
20Cm MFDupont Line x 40
BreadboardJumperWire x 65
Photosensitive Resistor 5528 x 1
Microphone Module x 1
12*12*7.3 Button x 5(white yellow blue green red)
Active Buzzer x 1
Passive Buzzer x 1
F3 Red Led x 5
F3 Green Led x 5
F3 Blue Led x 5
F3 White Led x 5
F5 RGb Led x 3
InfraredReceiving Component1
9V Battery Snap Connector x 1 10KResistance x 20″
1K Resistance x 20″
220R Resistance x 20″
104Ceramic”Capacitor x 5
In4148 Diode x 2
Ds1302 x 1
Ss8050 riode x 5
74Hc595 x 2
MQ-135gasmodule x 1
10Kpotentiometer x1

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