CKK0003 Dancing Bear Robot
  • Introduction to products
  • More introduction
  • This is an Interactive DIY Robot based on the a platform that any one can make, even without the experience of and electronics
  • Comes with a nano r3 board, a nano shield integrating a TEMT6000 light sensor, infrared receiver module, a buzzer and XH2.54mm 4P interfaces
  • Assembly it within 2 hour, you will learn how each electronic component works and its principle
  • From making the onboard buzzer of the nano shield sounds to control the robot with bluetooth app, you can easily know the logical relationship between the electronics, the action and the code
  • Note: 18650 batteries are not included, the bluetooth is compatible with Android phones only, you can scan the QR code to download the tutorial or contact customer service for a tutorial

NANO board*1
NANO shield*1
Bluetooth module*1
infrared remote control*1
RGB LED module*1
USB Cable*1
18650 battery case*1
A pair of Acrylic sheet
P1.2*4mm self-tapping screw*36
M1.6*10mm round head screw*4
SG90 Servo*4
M3*30mm copper column*4
M3*12mm countersunk head screw*2
4PIN -70mm cable*1
M1.6 mm nut*4
φ3*3mm nylon column*4
M3*10mm countersunk head screw*7
M2*8mm round head screw *8
M2*8mm nut
M3*10mm copper column*4
M3*6mm round head screw*12
M3*10mm round head screw*4
M3*6mm countersunk head screw*4
M3 mm nut*11
M3 mm self-locking screw*2
φ3*8*4 flange bearing F693ZZ*2
4mm black winding tube(20cm)
cross sleeve*1
M2 Phillips screwdriver
M3 Phillips screwdriver

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