CKK0008 Cobit for arduino and microbit
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  • More introduction
  • Compatible with arduino and microbit.
  • It can write, draw and map.
  • Can arduino C, C++, madecode graphical programming.
  • It is compatible with LEGO and can be used for building block splicing.
  • Integrated 1 buzzer, 4 GRB lights, 1 sonar,2 light detection, 2 infrared receivers, 2 line patrol functions.
  • Reserved 3 analog ports, 2 digital ports, 1 IIC, 1 serial ports for external expansion experiment.
  • Extend Bluetooth, ESP-01 WiFi and Servo motor functions.
  • It can carry out accurate distance walking and Angle rotation.
  • Use precise stepper motor to drive the car.
  • Battery power can be monitored in real time.
  • Mobile phone Bluetooth wireless control.
  • Installation is very simple.
  • wheels diameter is 65mm,Minimum rotation Angle is 0.9 degrees.
  • Speed rating:0 = 0rpm,1 = 15rpm,2 = 30rpm,3 = 60rpm,4 = 120rpm
  • The maximum measurement distance of sonar is 255CM with an accuracy of +/-1CM.
  • Buzzer can be set frequency range: 20– 1K Hz.
  • Single stepping wheel torque 110mN.m REF.
  • 5A over current and short circuit protection.
  • Distance between two wheels: 96mm .
  • Based on Arduino Uno and Microbit .
  • Open Arduino Uno and Microbit source code, source code is regularly updated.
  • Size: 154*118mm

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